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Indiana's birthday is coming up sooner than we may think. Hoosiers across the state will be celebrating 200 years of innovation, unforgettable history and statewide pride in less than two years.

The Indiana Bicentennial seeks to honor these four pillars through various projects: Nature, Youth & Education, Community Involvement and Historical Celebration. To celebrate, Jay County will be executing the Community Involvement portion through a community quilt. This effort has been endorsed by the state for a legacy project. There will be 24-30 squares on the quilt and all of the work will be done by Donna Stickley at her quilt shop. Businesses who wish to participate will have one square block on the quilt that will include their design of choice, completed by July or August 2015.

The purpose of this project is to recognize as many businesses in our local area as possible. The benefit of this project is to give a piece of history back to the community to enjoy. After completion of the quilt, it will be donated back to the community to enjoy.

If your business is interested in being a part of this great opportunity for Jay County, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page or download and print the form by clicking here.

4th grade students are also invited to participate in the celebration of our state's birthday. We are asking students to become specially engaged in the historic art of quilting by creating their own paper quilt. Click here to read more!

If you have any questions, please contact Gyneth Augsburger of the Jay County Tourism Bureau at 260-726-3366.

Bicentennial Links
Quilt Project Registration Form
Paper Quilt Project for 4th Graders
Torch Relay Nomination Form
Print form and mail to:
Gyneth Augsburger
118 S. Meridian St. Suite C.
Portland, IN 47371

Bicentennial Website
Bicentennial Newsletter
Bicentennial Presentation (click to download PowerPoint Presentation)

Participating in the Bicentennial Quilt Project

1) Register by filling out the form at the bottom of this page or download and print the form by clicking here.

2) Create a 10.5” by 10.5” quilt block that displays what your business or organization represents. It could be a simple fabric to an intricate design. If you would like to put your logo on the quilt, we ask that you put it in the center of the quilt block, and then create a design around it. Fabric must be a cotton fabric.Please have it finished and turned in by July or August 2015.

3) Stickley’s Quilts is assembling the final quilt together and is happy to help you.


Tuesday: 10:00 am – Friday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Closed Sunday & Monday

104 S Harrison St, Portland, IN 47371
(937) 417-2160

Stickley's Quilt Shop

4) Stickley’s Quilts is more than happy to offer advice or help, but ultimately the sewing itself is up to you. Please do not ask Stickley’s if they can create your quilt block for you.

5) Fabric can be purchased at a special discounted price if purchased at Stickley’s for this specific project. Support them by purchasing your supplies there.

6) If you would like to put a picture on your quilt block, take your picture and quilt block to Stickley’s; special machinery will be used to successfully transfer your image.

7) If you wish to have your logo embroidered in the center of your Quilt Block; Patriot Sportswear & Embroidery, will be happy to assist you. If you want a Picture Transfer, Patriot’s can help with that as well. Call Lacy at 260-726-9600.

8). Cost of the Quilt Block for your Business or Organization, depends if you have a logo or if one has to be made. ( maybe you want a picture transfer) Depends if you buy material or if a quilter might already have scraps to make a quilt. Cost will range from $20.00 - $50.00 per block depending what you do and what your quilter will charge you.

If you have any questions, please contact Gyneth Augsburger of the Jay County Tourism Bureau at 260-726-3366.

Here is a list of quilters with phone numbers who are more than happy to help you with your quilt block.


Dorie Scott
(765) 857-2305
Lee Benedict
(260) 766-9118
Fay Williamson
(260) 726-2320
Marilyn Acheson
(260) 726-8446

Janice Bray
(260) 726-4214

Sue Meinerding

Cathie Smith
(260) 726-8792

Louetta Bowen
(260) 726-2705

Charlene Whitenack
(765) 857-2083

Janet Confer
(260) 726-5304

Enter your Legacy Quilt Project registration information in the form below and click "Submit" when finished.
You may also download and print the form by clicking here.